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Tramore Ska Fest: A New Annual Event For Ireland

The Beat

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ka lovers and surfers are in for a treat! To the great delight of Ska and Reggae lovers, plans have just been announced for Ireland’s annual Ska festival.

The three-day international ‘SkaFest’ is slated to kick off on Friday, March 29th next in the picturesque sunny south-east seaside village of Tramore in Co. Waterford. The venue is renowned for its long unspoilt sandy coast line, sea sports, amusement park and fairground. Hence the town is eagerly anticipating the arrival of hordes of Ska addicts and surfers to its shores over the coming Easter weekend.

GRAPHIC IMAGE_ WEDDING EMBROIDERYKicking off on the Friday night, 2-Tone legends ‘The Beat’ – led by Ranking Roger – will light the fuse with their catalogue of hit tunes: ‘Mirror in the Bathroom’, ‘Too Nice To Talk To’, ‘Can’t Get Used To Losing You’, ‘Hands off She’s Mine’ and ‘All Out To Get You’. The band’s formidable reputation precedes them and their dynamic live show ensures that the ‘massive’ will be out in force to show their support.

Thereafter the festival is dominated by a host of indigenous talent, with the impressive 7-piece SKAZOO supporting the aforementioned ‘Beat’ on the festival’s opening night. The Bionic Rats lead the Saturday night charge – as they continue to promote their new and well received album ‘Should Be Seen And Not Heard’ – with the lively Jackmans in support. The Saturday night-Sunday morning slot is taken by the longstanding ‘7 Deadly Skins’, who will strut their wares with a lively combo of ska and reggae sounds, serving to emphasise their well deserved ‘deadly by name, deadly by nature’ reputation.

Those surviving until the festival’s closing night will be treated to the best of ‘1-Stop Experience’ a melange of international music legends, including Jennie Matthias (better known as the lead singer with the popular 1980s all girl band The Belle Stars) and ‘Little Axe’ guitarist (a.k.a. Skip McDonald). This combo promises to have the surfers and sea lions stomping with their up tempo Ska\Reggae sound, criss-crossed with pop, latin and blues influences. Their arrival is eagerly anticipated, as is that of the experienced and multi-talented 9 piece ‘Little Beauties’.

Another welcome feature of this festival is the hosting of a wide range of Ska-related musical events across a range of the town’s hostelries. So all roads lead to Tramore, Co. Waterford for some serious Ska stompin’ next March.

More info: http://www.tramoreskafest.com/

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Dr. Gerard McMahon is a lecturer/consultant in People Management at the Dublin Institute of Technology. His interest in Reggae predates Bob Marley’s appearance in Dublin in 1980. Over the years he has had the privilege of working with many of the music’s top artistes in a wide variety of guises – from taxi man to interviewer.

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  1. Hi there my sister and I are interested in seeing the Dualers and maybe a few others , where do we get tickets and where is the closest place to book and stay

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