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The Reggae Steady Ska Band Questionnaire No 2 – Le Grand Miercoles

Part 02 of the Reggae Steady Ska band questionnaire series is all about: Le Grand Miercoles from Valencia, Spain. While reading the questionnaire, listen to their album “Surf Steady.”

Here we go.

Band/artist name: LE GRAND MIERCOLES

Active since: 2011

– SPUTNIK aka. Antonio J. Iglesias (Malarians, Dwomo, Begoña Bang-Matu, rico Rodriguez, Golden Singles Band,…) – Drums.

– FABIANI aka. Jorge Loran (Pataconas, Dwomo, Glurps,…) – Bass.

– WILLY aka. Guillem Marchirant (Offbeaters, Dirty Soul Rider,…) – Hammond.

– Dr.JAU aka. Jaume Mira (Ki Sap, Golden Singles Band, The Shake It Up´s,…) – Guitar.

Three words that describe your music/performance:

Our music is a mix of Jamaican music (Ska, Dub and Rocksteady) with Surf Western Melodies…

Our stage performances are wild and sexy as hell!!! Closest to punk attitude than another style!

Your van stops in front of a venue. Someone accidentally comes by, sees your equipment and asks about your band. How do you convince her or him to come to your show later?

Come to our show is the best option to forget your day by day life, catharsis!!

What is the most-likely compliment from fans after a show?

“Your show was wild, and always seems like you are enjoying even more than us!” (yes, thats true! We really enjoy it as if it was our last show!)

What was the weirdest description of your music that you ever heard or read?

“This is not surf music! This is not reggae music… What a hell is that!?!?!?”

What are sure signs that your show has been a success? 

Everyone is laughing and wet!

Have you got any mentors/idols that helped you get your act together, or inspired you?

Yes! Of course!  Skatalites, Lee Perry, Ventures, Havana 3am, The Clash, Jackie Mitto,…

What do you like more: Performing live or recording in the studio?

The LIVE!!! of course!!!

What does your rehearsal spot look like?

We don’t rehearse really often, so we always use friend’s places to do it.

If there was an inscription above your rehearsal room, what should it be?

Don’t enter with clothes…

Which other band is closest to you personally?

… Motorhead? Hahahahahaha…

What is the most under-rated band in the Reggae Steady Ska scene? (Other than yours)

… we don’t really know… every band doing this music around the world is already “under-rated”

What is the best thing about the global Ska community?

The friendships we do worldwide and the easy to keep the contact with new technologies.

Were there any moments you wanted to quit? What made you go on?

The day our guitarist and founder member of the band told us he wants to leave the project for personal reasons… was hard to fit, because for us the brotherhood between us is the most important thing.

Your releases so far were … ?

We have three releases:

– LP Vinyl 12” “This is surf-steady” (Golden Singles Records 2011)

– Single Vinyl 7” “Kris Teen Killer” (Rufus Recordings 2013)

– LP Vinyl 12” and CD “Ghost Cowboys” (Liquidator Records / Golden Singles 2014)

Three facts that must not be missing in any text about you?

Original, wild and psychedelic!

What are your next steps?

Release a new 4 tracks EP with some greates colaborations, and keep beating stages.
What is the best way for fans, friends to stay in contact with you?

Come to the shows!

questionnaire by Reggae Steady Ska and The Ska Music Yearbook https://reggae-steady-ska.com

If you like to see your band or another artist being featured in the questionnaire, let us know in the comments or write an email to joachim@reggae-steady-ska.com.

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