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Talking Books: The Duff Guide To 2 Tone by Steve Shafer

At Reggae Steady Ska, we pride ourselves at being your source for information on ska, reggae and rocksteady, but we’ll be the first to acknowledge the all-around greatness and trusted expertise of The Duff Guide to Ska. The man behind the Duff Man glasses is Steve Shafer, a NY City ska institution. Steve’s own story would make a great book, but instead he’s written The Duff Guide to 2 Tone, a 250+ page collection of 2 Tone-related pieces from his blog. There are reviews of original releases, but the book’s real purpose is to show how the 2 Tone sound and—more importantly its ideals—carry on today. Book in hand, Charles Zoomed-in with Steve for a chat.

The Duff Guide To 2 Tone is available at exclusively at Amazon (affiliate link).

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Described by friends as “way, way too obsessed with ska,” Charles Benoit lives in Rochester, NY, where he writes novels (Young Adult noir) and plays tenor sax in Some Ska Band. Incriminating details and paparazzi-quality photos at charlesbenoit.com.

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  1. I still listen to the music Steve shafer turned me onto 30 years ago. Dancehall crashers being a regular spin. Miss you sir.

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