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album of-the-month-february 2015

Album Of The Month February 2015 – Vote Now

Which releases can be nominated as Album Of The Month 2015?

have a ska, rocksteady, early reggae sound or feel.
can be listened to on the Net (at least in parts), via bandcamp, amazon, itunes etc.
Are an album, at least 20 minutes long. ..

Vote The Album Of The Year 2012

The pool becomes bigger every year with bands from all over the world adding their take on Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae. The producers of the album of the year 2012 need not come from Jamaica or England, they can also live in Denmark, Russia or India.

Hepcat – What’s Going On

If there is one post 2-Tone band every serious Ska fan truly adores it must surely be Hepcat.

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