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Review: Natalie Wouldn’t – EP

Natalie Wouldn’t (four-track, digital EP, 2016): Seattle’s Natalie Wouldn’t (made up of former members of the very much missed Easy Big Fella, The Crawdaddies, The Diablotones, and The Georgetown Orbits), which toured the UK this past June opening up for The Meow Meows (including a gig at Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues!), just released a fantastic, self-titled four-track digital EP (three stunning ska/rocksteady/soul originals–like the tongue-in-cheek ode to selfishness “Mine” and the lament of growing older and less cooler in “Obsolescence”: “No place to hide/as the world passes by me”–and a sweet, inventive take on Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love”).

If you liked EBF’s high-quality, quirky, and fun (sometimes even melancholy) take on ska back in the day, you’ll be sure to love this EP! This one deserves a proper, physical release on vinyl…

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Stephen Shafer was the Director of Promotions, Marketing, and Production for Moon Ska Records, back in the 1990s. He currently writes The Duff Guide to Ska blog.
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