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Red Soul Community band 2013

Red Soul Community Release Album I Never Learn

The Spanish Rocksteady and Early Reggae sensation Red Soul Community are going to drop their third album „I Never Learn“ (Grover Records, CD and LP).

Jerry Dammers

The London International Ska Festival 2013

The London International Ska Festival 2013 come with Rico Rodriguez performing his classic album “Man From Wareika”plus sets from Ken Boothe to B.B. Seaton

What Went Wrong With The Album Of The Year 2012 Poll

The plan with the Album Of The Year 2012 poll was to attract Ska fans voting for their band, AND in the process to make them take away another thing. The idea was to leave them with an overview of what happened in Ska that year.


Get Your Free Download of Bombskare single “Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?”

The Scottish band Bombscare, who will also appear at the London International Ska Festival 2013, have just released a new single and video. You can download their song “Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?” for free at soundcloud.

New York Ska Jazz Ensemble At The Oscars

“Arachnid” from New York Ska Jazz Ensemble’s album ‘Get This’ has been included in the short documentary “Redemption” directed by Jon Alpert and Matthew O’Neill.

Vote The Album Of The Year 2012

The pool becomes bigger every year with bands from all over the world adding their take on Ska, Rocksteady and Early Reggae. The producers of the album of the year 2012 need not come from Jamaica or England, they can also live in Denmark, Russia or India.


As you may know, Madness will be dropping their tenth studio album “Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da” worldwide …

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