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Madness – Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da – Is Here

Madness Album Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da

“Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da” the tenth album by Madness is released worldwide today.

Have a look at the trailer. Our review is coming later this week (Friday). And we will add a video with footage from the Madness show in Düsseldorf on 26th of October 2012.

A big applause and thank you goes out from here to the contributors to the “Madness Album Countdown”: Nate Taiapa (New Zealand), Siggi Seidel (Germany), Caplis and Horacio (Venezuela), Sergio Rallo (Italy), Christopher Wardell (UK), Marc Wasserman (USA), Gustavo Visón (Argentina), Tubagus Boris Herlambang (Indonesia), Bosky (UK), Stephen Shafer (USA). If you like to read more from these true lovers of Madness, check the articles that we collected and follow the links to their other content.

I hope you enjoyed the Madness Album Series. If you like, drop us a line. Cheers. And now let’s enjoy “Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da.”

“One Step Beyond” by Nate Taiapa
(New Zealand, Go Feet Radio, Musical Occupation)

“One Step Beyond” by Siggi Seidel
(Germany, Bluebeat In My Soul)

“Absolutely” by Sergio Rallo
(Italy, Ex-The Smarts, Skabadip.it)

“Absolutely” by Caplis and Horacio
(Venezuela, Desorden Publico)

“7” by Christopher Wardell
(UK, The G Men, Backdoor Promotions)

“Madness Presents The Rise & Fall” by Marc Wasserman
(USA, Bigger Thomas, marcoonthebass.blogspot.com)

“Keep Moving” by Gustavo Visón
(Argentina, DJ and Bassist of Crabs Corporation)

“Complete” by Tubagus Boris Herlambang
(Indonesia, Return of The Rootbois and Skalie)

“Wonderful” by Joachim Uerschels
(Germany, The Braces, Joe Scholes, Initiator of REGGAE STEADY SKA)

The Dangermen Sessions by Richard Bosky Allen
(UK, keyboarder of The Hotknives)

“The Liberty Of Norton Folgate” by Stephen Shafer
(USA, of Ska blog Duff Guide To Ska)

You can also listen to “Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da” on Amazon.

ps: The Madness album poll ist closed now. “One Step Beyond”, “Absolutely” and “The Liberty Of Norton Folgate” were our readers’ favourites. For the complete results go  here.

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With his Ska band The Braces (1984-1991, 2000-2006) Joachim Uerschels released three albums for Unicorn, Pork Pie and Mad Butcher Records. He lives in Cologne, Germany as a writer and musician. In 2016, he published his solo debut album "Songbook Vol. II" as Joe ScholesJoe Scholes
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