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2 Tone: Before, During & After – Your new favorite book by Lee Morris

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The story of 2 Tone Records is the stuff of legends, and in 2 Tone: Before, During & After, author Lee Morris tells the surprising stories behind every 2 Tone release. The 200-page mini-encyclopedia provides band bios, discographies and where-are-they-now profiles on every musician who ever appeared on the label. Based on primary source research (see the extensive bibliography) and personal interviews, the book is packed with things you didn’t know about the label, the records and the musicians behind it all. Flights from New York to Huddersfield were booked, so Charles caught up with Lee via Zoom. Buy the book on Amazon or directly from the author (email him). 


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Described by friends as “way, way too obsessed with ska,” Charles Benoit lives in Rochester, NY, where he writes novels (Young Adult noir) and plays tenor sax in Some Ska Band. Incriminating details and paparazzi-quality photos at charlesbenoit.com.
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