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All Ska Rocksteady Early Reggae Albums Released in 2014

Like in 2012 and 2013, we at Reggae Steady Ska are collecting the releases from 2014 in a list, hoping that you find it helpful.

This list is the basis for the Album Of The Year 2014 polls that are currently running in December 2014/January 2015. 

The list gives lots of information about all the albums that are in the poll. If you click on the album titles, in most cases you will land on a website where you can listen to some of the music (and get it). The links go to pages on site like bandcamp, amazon, itunes etc. Whenever there is a free download available, we have indicated that, too.

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Band Title Release Country Style Label
Skamanians Ride Again 2014-07-22 France Jamaican Ska self
Rude Bones Good Times, 7300 Days 2014-06-25 Japan ska punk, ska-core Ska In The World
Ed Rome Snapshot 2014-07-01 England Ska/Reggae self
Various Mad Not Cancer (Specialized 3) 2014-07-01 various various Specialized
Various Footie Anthems Underground 2014-06-01 Japan various self
Interrupters, The The Interrupters (debut) 2014-08-05 USA 2Tone Hell Cat Records
Rifffs, The Can’t Stop The People 2014-06-07 Malta 2Tone Jagged House
Jesse Wagner Happy Wags 2014-06-11 USA Early Reggae/Children’s Asian Man/Fun Fun Records
Upsessions, The Shake It! 2014-05-30 Netherlands Early Reggae Grover Records
Talks, The Commoners, Peers, Drunks & Thieves (debut) 2014-11-24 England 2Tone All Our Own Records
Top Shotta Band Top Shotta Band featuring Screechy Dan 2014-01-01 USA Vintage Reggae Al Paragus International (Flatbush)
Hollie Cook Twice 2014-05-12 England Vintage Reggae  Mr Bongo
Dualers, The Back To Paradise 2014-11-22 England Rocksteady
Various Artists Island Skank 2014-01-14 Indonesia various
Alaska Q Berteman Kata (debut) 2014-04-27 Indonesia ? ?
Brooklyn Attractors, The Good Evil Alchemy (debut) 2014-01-05 USA Rocksteady
Planet Smashers, The Mixed Messages 2014-04-08 Canada Third Wave Stomp Records
Autocratics, The Change And Innovation 2014-09-24  Japan  2Tone, ska punk  Ska In The World
Le Grand Miercoles Ghost Cowboys 2014-06-12 Spain Surf-Steady / Instrumental / Dub Golden Singles Records
Many Loves Ska Jazz Dreamlike (debut) 2014-10-09 Italy Ska Jazz Cinedelic
Buster Shuffle Naked 2014-09- England  2Tone People Like You Records
Sketchers, The Beware Uptempo Ska 2014-07-01 Netherlands 2Tone self
Alpheus Good Prevails 2014-06-06 UK Rocksteady Liquidator Records
Deal’s Gone Bad Heartbreaks & Shadows 2014-06-01 USA Rocksteady Jumpup Records
Beat Brigade Kings 2014-05-12 USA Third Wave
Atsushi & The Moisties Atsushi & The Moisties 2014-05-10 New Zealand Traditional Ska Moisty, self
Mad Caddies Dirty Rice 2014-05-09 USA Ska Punk Fat Wreck Chords
Senior Allstars, The Verbalized And Dubbed 2014-05-02 Germany Dub Skycap
Skaos More Fire 2014-04-17 Germany Third Wave Pork Pie
Mighty Fishers, The Soul Garden (debut) 2014-04-15 Hungary Rocksteady Mad Butcher
Prince Fatty Vs. Mungo’s Hi-Fi same 2014-03-14 UK Dub Mr. Bongo Records
Bandits Algo Especial 2014-02-24 Spain  Traditional Ska Liquidator
Big Takeover, The Children of The Rhythm 2014-02-21 USA Reggae  self, bandcamp
Barefoot Basement Storyteller 2014-02-07 Austria  Traditional Ska
Kemuri Kemuri Rampant 2014-10-08 Japan ska-core ONECIRCLE
Show-Ska Shonen Diamond Party 2014-11-05 Japan original ska Three A Product
Roy & Yvonne Moving On 2014-01-31 Jamaica Traditional Ska Liquidator Records
Yellow Cap Pleasure 2014-01-17 Germany Third Wave Pork Pie
Offenders, The Generation Nowhere 2014-01-17 Italy 2Tone Destiny Records
Mustard Plug Can’t Contain It 2014-01-14 USA Ska Punk No Idea Records
Gang Holiday Return To The Shack (debut) 2014-08-31 Indonesia ska punk Self
AmabAdamA Heyrðu Mig Nú (debut) 2014-11-05 Iceland Reggae Record Records
Broken 3 Ways Return To The Shack (debut) 2014-12-01 England Ska-Punk, Reggae
Bruce Lee Band Everything Will Be Alright, My Friend 2014-09-04 USA Ska-Punk, Third Wave Asian Man Records
Call Me Malcolm We Did This To Ourselves (debut) 2014-07-26 England Ska BeSharp Records
Clinton Fearon Goodness 2014-03-24 Jamaica Roots Reggae self
Copasetics Gladiators & Lions (debut) 2014-08-25 England Reggae-Punk self
Crazy Baldhead Boots Embraces 2014-01-15 USA Early Reggae Whatevski Records
Dan Martin & Noma Rocksteady Band Dan Martin & Noma Rocksteady Band (debut) 2014-01-06 USA Rocksteady self
Die Tornados Young Guns Against Old Rockers 2014-10-03 Germany All Ska Sunny Bastards Records
DiscoBalls Dance Like Nobody´s Watching 2014-02-13 Czech republic self
Dr. Ring Ding & Kingston Rudieska Ska ‘n’ Seoul 2014-05-22 South Korea Jamaican Ska Jump Up Records
Dr. Ring Ding & Sharp Axe Band Gwaan/March Forth 2014-06-27 Germany Reggae, Dub Gecko Rex, Flat Daddy Records
El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs Hier Und Jetzt Oder Nie 2014-08-29 Germany Third Wave, Ska-Pop Pork Pie Records
Erin Bardwell Collective Our Time 2014-08-30 England Pop-A-Top UK
ESKAlation Zukunftsmusik 2014-10-10 Germany Ska-Punk eSKAlation
Freetown Swimming the Atlantic 2014-02-14 UK Numen Records
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Steady 2014-09-30 USA Reggae, Rocksteady Easy Star Records
Goldmaster Allstars Narcolepsy 2014-06-30 England Ska Jazz
Hoffmaestro Hoffmaestro 2014-11-21 Sweden Ska-Punk Side One Dummy (Cargo Records)
Jah On Slide Never Knocked Out 2014-06-08 France 2Tone Big 8 records
Jeramiah Ferrrari Jeramiah Ferrari (debut) 2014-09-01 England reggae
Juantxo Skalari & La Rude Band Rude Station 2014-11-18 Spain Ska Panda Artist
Kingston Rudieska Everyday People 2014-12-01 South Korea Jamaican Ska Mirrorball Music, Jumpup Records
Kšandy Industry Nos Kšandy (debut) 2014-05-09 Czech republic self
Left Alone Harbor Area 2014-09-23 USA Punk, Ska Punk Hellcat Records
LEK SEN JAAMDONG 2014-06-09 France Reggae Jahsen Creation
Liam & The Ladies Tour EP  2014-06-24  USA  reggae  self, bandcamp
Los Aggrotones 10 Reggae Shots (debut) 2014-01-01 Argentina Early Reggae Insurgence Records and Publishing
Los Elefantes Grandes Éxitos de Otros 2014-09-05 Colombia Ska, Latin Jazz Leonidas Fante
Lou Dog Always Lost Or Found 2014-06-08 Brazil Reggae self
Manifesto Skajazz Manifesto Skajazz (debut) 2014-08-09 Chile Ska Jazz self
Miserable Man One Love, One Take (free download) 2014-08-12 England Acoustic Ska self
Neville Staple Ska Crazy! 2014-05-13 England 2Tone, Reggae Cleopatra Records
New Groove Formation Summer In A Glass 2014-07-19 England Ska, Reggae self
Policulture The Bridge (debut) 2014-11-07 USA Reggae self
Rags Rudi Rags Rudi (debut) 2014-09-24 England reggae-punk self
Rebelation Arise 2014-08-25 England Early Reggae Hotshot & Scorcher Records
Rebelution Count Me In 2014-06-10 USA Reggae Easy Star
Rhoda Dakar Sings The Bodysnatchers 2014-11-15 England 2Tone
Roger Rivas & The Brothers Of Reggae Last Goodbye (free download) 2014-11-24 USA Early Reggae Rivas Recordings
Rude Boy George Confessions (debut) 2014-12-05 USA 2Tone, Ska Pop Trilby Records
Stray Bullets Ghost Town Rockers 2014-10-07 USA Ska-Punk self
Strikkly Vikkly Volume 1 2014-11-17 USA, Brazil Dub Brainlab Groove Records
Amphetameanies, The Last Chance Bordello 2014-12-07 Scotland 2Tone F&J Records
Apes, The Release The Apes (debut) 2014-09-19 USA Jamaican Ska, Soul Citrus Records
Zaa What About 2014-09-30 Serbia reggae, rock self, deezer
Bishops, The Time To Move 2014-03-29 USA Rocksteady, 2Tone self
Busters, The Supersonic Eskalator 2014-11-14 Germany All Ska, Pop Revolution Ska
Circle City Deacons, The Welcome Home 2014-07-25 USA ska, reggae
Delirians, The Get Up! (debut) 2014-06-30 USA Reggae, Rocksteady Angel City Records
Last Slice, The Underground (debut) 2014-08-07 USA Ska-Punk self
Ska Vendors, The Feelin’ Fine 2014-11-14 Australia Jamaica Ska Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Skunkadelics, The Almost As Good As Bad Pizza (debut) 2014-11-08 USA Ska-Punk self
Snails, The Songs From The Hydrogen Jukebox Vol. 1 & 2 2014-05-13 USA Rocksteady Asbestos Records
Strange Tenants, The Coventry via Kingston 2014-07-29 Australia 2Tone self
Tempranos Tempranos(debut)(free download on facebook) 2014-03-31 Paraguay Early Reggae self
Two Tone Boners, The Troubles Come & Go 2014-06-12 USA Ska, Reggae self
Transilvanians Echo, Vibes & Fire 2014-07-27 Spain Rocksteady, Early Reggae Liquidator Music
Tree House Fire Actions & Reactions (debut) 2014-08-22 England Reggae, Ska self
Unification From Channel One To King Tubby’s 2014-09-30 USA Roots Reggae Shanachie
Urang Matang Little Munki 2014-07-05 England Ska self
Las Melinas Ska ‘La Powagi 2014-12-01 Poland ska jazz self
Vic Ruggiero This 2014-10-28 USA Rocksteady, Ska Unison Music Group, LLC.
William White Open Country 2014-08-08 Switzerland Acoustic Reggae William White (Galileo Music Communication)
Sir J & The Kinkylab Allstars Sounds From The Volcano (debut) 2014-10-24 Spain early reggae Jump Up Records
Georgetown Orbits Third Rock Steady 2014-09-19 USA original ska Ready to Launch
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Ska Me Forever 2014-08-13 Japan all ska AVEX
Kemuri Kemurified 2014-05-03 Japan all ska
Vendetta 13 Balas 2014-12-05 Spain reggae, rock self, bandcamp
Riddimates Joy 2014-04-09 Japan brass rock Brass Rockers Records
Drops, The The Drops A-Go-Go 2014-03-19 Japan original ska Ska In The World
Beat Sunset Round And Round 2014-06-04 Japan original ska THE HANDS RECORDS
Man, The The Man 2014-05-21 Japan all ska
Fast Food Orchestra Zen 2014-10-11 Czech Republic all ska self, bandzone.cz
Esco Chris Reggae Imposter 2 2014-06-14 USA early reggae self,bandcamp
Tropican’s Con Nichi Wa (debut) 2014-12-20 Japan original ska Get Hip Records

If you like to make additions, you have three options:

  • (our top choice) You use our form for releases,
  • or post a comment under this post or
  • write an email with info about the release to joachim@reggae-steady-ska.com.
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With his Ska band The Braces (1984-1991, 2000-2006) Joachim Uerschels released three albums for Unicorn, Pork Pie and Mad Butcher Records. He lives in Cologne, Germany as a writer and musician. In 2016, he published his solo debut album "Songbook Vol. II" as Joe ScholesJoe Scholes


  1. My current addition :

    – Various Artists – Island Skank, January 16th (Indonesia)
    – Nath The Lions – We Are Blessed, March 3rd (Indonesia)
    – Alaska Q – Berteman Kata, April 27th (Indonesia)

    More albums TBA

  2. “Heartbreaks and Shadows” by Deal’s Gone Bad is EASILY the best release of the year. It’s not even close. Really, it’s that good.

  3. Hi, Joachim !!

    Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Italy. 🙂

    Here’s another title for your list of albums released in 2014…

    BAND: Rude Bones
    TITLE: Good Times, 7300 Days
    RELEASE: 2014-06-25
    COUNTRY: Japan
    STYLE: Ska Core / Ska Punk
    LABEL: Ska In The World / DIW Phalanx Records

    DIW ALBUM PAGE:- http://www.diwproducts.com/shop/shopdetail.html?brandcode=000000001808

    BAND FACEBOOK PAGE:- https://www.facebook.com/pages/RUDE-BONES/331655080309905


    01. Create
    02. You’re Not Alone
    03. Now Won’t Come Again
    04. Just A Doll
    05. Sunlight
    06. ‘Cause My Heart Is Free
    07. Twenty-Four Seven
    08. Sad World
    09. Whatever
    10. Making Me, Making People

    Maybe more information there than you’ll need for this list but I thought it might be useful for anyone interested in checking it out – BEST SUITED TO FANS OF:- Mighty Mighty Bosstones

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, thanks a lot for the info. The record will be added as soon as possible. And thanks, Italy was fantastic. 😉

  4. Hello again, Joachim !!

    Here’s another title for your list of albums released in 2014…

    BAND: Erin Bardwell Collective
    TITLE: Our Time
    RELEASE: 2014-08-29
    STYLE: Rocksteady / Reggae
    LABEL: Pop-A-Top Records

    ALBUM BANDCAMP PAGE:- http://erinbardwellcollective.bandcamp.com/album/our-time

    BAND FACEBOOK PAGE:- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erin-Bardwell-Collective/184170768312005


    01. Exhale
    02. Worn Out Shoes
    03. This Is My Time
    04. Long Forgotten
    05. Scratch
    06. Mambo Time
    07. You Walked Away
    08. Red Hot Reggae Girl
    09. Please Please Please
    10. Breathe – Exhale Reprise

    This album is available as a VERY LIMITED Edition 6 Page Digi-Pack CD (out now) and will also be released as a LIMITED EDITION Vinyl LP (33rpm) shipping out on or around 17th October 2014 – N.B. THERE ARE ONLY 100 COPIES OF EACH – although BOTH formats include unlimited streaming of the “Our Time” album via the FREE Bandcamp app, PLUS high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and other formats.

    Anyone interested can purchase the album directly, via the Bandcamp page (see link above), in any of the following formats:-

    A. Digital Album – £7 GBP

    B. Limited Edition 6 Page Digi-Pack CD – £8 GBP

    C. Limited Edition Vinyl LP (33rpm) – £10 GBP

    PLEASE BE AWARE that the above PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE POSTAGE so, if you’re buying the CD or LP version, there’s a small charge on top for delivery. 🙂

    FYI… There is a charge of £2 for shipping within the United Kingdom, applicable to each of the CD and LP formats, but the SHIPPING COST WILL VARY BY COUNTRY so you’ll need to check for the exact cost, based on the destination, when you make your purchase.

    Again, there maybe more information here than you’ll need for your list but, as before, I thought it might prove useful for anyone interested in checking out the album !! 😉

    As always, keep up the good work!

  5. Hi, Joachim !!

    Here’s one more title for your list of albums released in 2014…

    BAND: Le Grand Miercoles [aka El Gran Miercoles]
    TITLE: Ghost Cowboys
    RELEASE: 2014-06-12
    COUNTRY: Spain
    STYLE: Surf-Steady / Instrumental / Dub
    LABEL: Golden Singles Records

    ALBUM BANDCAMP PAGE:- http://thegoldensinglesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/le-grand-miercoles-ghost-cowboys

    BAND FACEBOOK PAGE:- http://es-es.facebook.com/legrandmiercoles


    01. I’ve Got To Surf Away
    02. Western Standard Time
    03. Fukushima
    04. Cowboy Fantasma
    05. Straight To Hell
    06. Comin’ Home Baby
    07. Cecilia Ann
    08. Aligator Ye Ye
    09. Caravan Party
    10. Wicked Dub
    11. The Rumour

    Those of you who own (or have heard) the compilation LP, “The Clash Goes Jamaican”, will already be familiar with the sound of Le Grand Miercoles – thanks to their surf-steady styled cover of “Straight To Hell”, which also features on this album – but to give you some idea, if you’ve never heard them, it’s a mixture of the twangy surf instrumental style of Dick Dale mixed with “Western Inspired Reggae” of the sort found on Trojan Records compilation “For A Few Dollars More: 28 Shots of Western Inspired Reggae” plus a little vintage rocksteady and dub thrown in for good measure. For a more in-depth analysis of the album, have a read of the review from the “Duff’s Guide To Ska” blog found here:-

    Duff Review: Le Grand Miercoles “Ghost Cowboys” LP

    LINK – http://duffguidetoska.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/duff-review-le-grand-miercoles-ghost.html

    Anyone interested can purchase a digital copy of the album directly, via the Bandcamp page (see link above), for ONLY €5 EUR and this price includes unlimited streaming of the “Ghost Cowboys” album via the FREE Bandcamp app, as well as offering high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC and several other formats.

    As before, there maybe more information here than you’ll need for your list but, again, I thought it might prove useful for anyone interested in checking out this unusual album !!

    As always, keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Mochammad, thanks. I can’t find their music on the Internet. Have you got a link?

      Cheers, Joachim

    1. Thanks. It works. I’m doing some major updating of the album list at the moment. Can take a few days to get it online. All the best, Joachim

  6. Hi it will be nice if it will be possible to add our record (if is not too late):

    BAND: DiscoBalls
    TITLE: Dance like nobody´s watching…
    RELEASE: 2014-03-13
    COUNTRY: Czech republic
    STYLE: Ska / soul / punk
    LABEL: Bandzone (electronic)/ diy (physical)

    ALBUM BANDCAMP PAGE: http://discoballscz.bandcamp.com/album/dance-like-nobodys-watching

    I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dance-like-nobodys-watching/id839685034

    BAND FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/DiscoballsCZ

    WEB: http://discoballs.cz

    btw we are going to play at Colone on 6.2. 🙂

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