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All Ska Rocksteady Early Reggae Albums Released in 2013

Public votings for the “Album Of The Year 2013” have started.

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About 90 albums from all around the world are on the list this year.  There is a lot to discover. We recommend you to start by listening to the 5-hour-long playlist we put together on youtube, like it, share it.

Here we go:

D’Jenks Jalan Panjang Berliku December 15, 2013 Indonesia Reggae
THE SARAH CONNORS The Revenge Of The Black Squid December 13, 2013 France Early Reggae
Prince Perry Here Tomorrow Gone Today December 8, 2013 Canada Ska Pop
The Delegators All Aboard November 26, 2013 UK Rocksteady
The Tips Trippin’ November 22, 2013 Germany Ska Punk
Pistol Valve Pistol Star November 20, 2013 Japan Third Wave
Three Seven Something With Three Seven November 17, 2013 Japan Traditional Ska
Less Than Jake See The Light November 12, 2013 USA Ska-Punk
Show-Ska The Magic Gang November 6, 2013 Japan Third Wave
Phoenix City Allstars Skatisfaction November 4, 2013 UK Jamaican Ska
The Branlarians The First And Maybe The Only November 1, 2013 France 2Tone
TSF (Toulouse Skanking Foundation) Voodoo train November 1, 2013 France Ska Jazz
Sammy Kay & East Los Three Love Letters October 29, 2013 USA Rocksteady
The Stimulators Rhythm Fever October 26, 2013 Germany Ska
Malandro Nine Five same October 22, 2013 USA Ska Jazz
Various Artists Specialized 2: Beat Teenage Cancer October 18, 2013 Various Ska
Dave Hillyard California October 11, 2013 USA Ska Jazz
The Crabs Corporation The Many Faces Of The … September 29, 2013 Argentina Early Reggae
Jr. Thomas Meets The Venditions Jr. Thomas Meets The Venditions September 27, 2013 USA Early Reggae
The Rough Kutz Dirty Sex At Midnight September 26, 2013 UK 2Tone
Roger Rivas Autumn Breeze September 24, 2013 USA Roots Reggae
Various Artists The Clash Goes Jamaican September 21, 2013 Various Ska
The Indecision New Faces September 18, 2013 UK Rocksteady
Tom Swift Dress Up August 30, 2013 Switzerland Rocksteady
Distemper Pride Belief Love August 30, 2013 RUS Ska Punk
Resignators down in flames August 30, 2013 AUS Third Wave
Various Artists Return Of The Rootbois August 20, 2013 Indonesia Ska
Bim Skala Bim Chet’s Last Call August 17, 2013 USA Third Wave
Miserable Man Meet The Shark August 17, 2013 UK Reggae
Aggressors B.C. The Tone Of The Times August 16, 2013 Ireland Ska
The Trojans feat. Zoe Devlin Smash It! August 7, 2013 UK Traditional Ska
Sunset Beat One August 7, 2013 Japan Traditional Ska
The Meow Meows Somehow We Met July 29, 2013 UK Soul
The Kinky Coo Coo’s Sweet, Fun & Ready July 10, 2013 Spain Ska
Hirie Hirie July 10, 2013 USA Reggae
Lord Mouse & The Calypso Katz Go Calypsonian July 5, 2013 Germany/USA Calypso
Soothsayers feat. Cornel Campbell Nothing Can Stop Us July 5, 2013 England/Jamaica Roots Reggae
The Simmertones Something For The Weekend July 4, 2013 UK Authentic Ska
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra Diamond In Your Heart July 3, 2013 Japan Ska Pop
Various Artists The New Dimension Of Soul & Reggae July 1, 2013 USA Soul
Prizefighters, The A Musical Knockout In 3 Rounds July 1, 2013 USA Rocksteay
Debonaires Movin’ June 26, 2013 USA Ska
Jimmy Cliff KCRW Sessions June 26, 2013 Jamaica Reggae
The Evokatones Emergency June 22, 2013 USA Ska
Dubblestandart / Various Woman In Dub June 21, 2013 Austria/Jamaica Dub
Orquestra Brasileira de Música Jamaicana Volume II June 21, 2013 Brazil Reggae
Boss Capone Another 15 Dance Floor Crashers June 20, 2013 NL Early Reggae
Dirty Revolution The Heat June 14, 2013 UK Ska
Big D & The Kids Table Stomp/Stroll June 11, 2013 USA Ska Punk
Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra The Benevolence Of Sister Mary Ignatius June 11, 2013 England Traditional Ska
Keyser Soze The Remedy June 7, 2013 USA Soul
The Oldians Downtown Rock June 6, 2013 Spain Ska Jazz
Various Artists The Brooklyn Rocksteady Soundtrack June 2, 2013 USA Rocksteady
The Orb feat. Lee Scratch Perry More Tales from the Orbservatory May 31, 2013 UK/Jamaica Dub
Jackie Mendez Introducing May 31, 2013 USA Rocksteady
Tsuyoshi Kawakami & His Moodmakers Moodholic – Utakata no Hibi May 29, 2013 Japan Traditional Ska
Tasty Grooves Soul Street May 24, 2013 Spain Rocksteady
Mike Pinto Truthful Lies May 17, 2013 USA Reggae
Red Soul Community I Never Learn May 17, 2013 Spain Rocksteady
Spahnis Dub Dancers Back To Ska May 15, 2013 Switzerland Trad Ska
By The Rivers By The Rivers May 5, 2013 UK Ska Pop
Streetlight Manifesto The Hands That Thieve May 3, 2013 USA Ska
Dr. Calypso Sempre Endavant May 1, 2013 Spain Reggae
Statuto Un Giorno Di Festa April 30, 2013 Italy
Meta & the Cornerstones Ancient Power April 26, 2013 Jamaica/USA Roots Reggae
Newtown Rocksteady Goin’ Steady April 26, 2013 New Zealand Rocksteady
Bartenders Szumna Sessions April 20, 2013 Poland Ska Jazz
The Oldtones Too Late, Lady April 17, 2013 Japan Third Wave
What’s Love? ON-KO-CHI-SHIN April 10, 2013 Japan Traditional Ska
Cartoon Violence Tit For Tat March 15, 2013 Wales 2 Tone
Melbourne Ska Orchestra self titled March 8, 2013 Australia Traditional Ska
65 Mines Street Fix The Clock March 6, 2013 France Rocksteady
Sally Brown El sonido del mañana 3/6/2013 Spain Third Wave
Doberman Kore Ga Rei No Are February 27, 2013 Japan 2Tone
The Lions This Generation February 26, 2013 USA Early Reggae
The Selecter String Theory February 24, 2013 England 2Tone
Dilip ‘n The Davs Together February 22, 2013 Australia Ska Pop
Jim Murple Memorial Take Your Flight, Jim! February 18, 2013 France Reggae
Reggay Lords same February 14, 2013 USA Early Reggae
Liquidizer Sounds Super Ferric Advetures Volume 1 February 4, 2013 UK Early Reggae
Goldmaster Allstars Colt 45 February 1, 2013 UK Ska Jazz
Radio Pirata Ruidos del Ghetto February 1, 2013 Chile Tradiitonal Ska
King Django Anywhere I Roam January 29, 2013 USA Ska
Razika På vei hjem January 25, 2013 Norway Ska Pop
The Steadytones Heavy Impact January 25, 2013 Germany Early Reggae
Bigger Thomas Ska In My Pocket January 21, 2013 USA Third Wave
Natty Princess Forward January 18, 2013 France Roots Reggae
Comic Strip Finally … The First Album January 13, 2013 Singapore Ska Pop
The Ska Vengers self titled January 8, 2013 India Ska Pop
Smooth Beans Keep Talking January 7, 2013 Spain Rocksteady
King Pepe & His Calypso Combo Tropical Invasion January 1, 2013 France Calypso

This list will also be the basis for the Best Ska Rocksteady Early Reggae Album 2013 poll that will be run in December 2013. If you would like to know the results of the Ska Rocksteady Early Reggae Album Of The Year 2012 poll, have a look at this post from 2012

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With his Ska band The Braces (1984-1991, 2000-2006) Joachim Uerschels released three albums for Unicorn, Pork Pie and Mad Butcher Records. He lives in Cologne, Germany as a writer and musician. In 2016, he published his solo debut album "Songbook Vol. II" as Joe ScholesJoe Scholes


  1. Red Soul Community – I Never Learn (Spain) (Grover Records) Rocksteady, Early Reggae, Release Date: April 2013

  2. Dr. Ring Ding Ska Vaganza / Piping Hot (released in late 2012 but is definitely the top album 2013 !

  3. – The Branlarians (rude rock reggae) “the first and maybe the only” – 1st November

    – TSF (Toulouse Skanking Foundation) “Voodoo train” – 1st November

  4. – 65 MINES STREET – Fix The Clock
    – THE BRANLARIANS – The First and Maybe The Only
    – THE SARAH CONNORS – The Revenge Of The Black Squid

  5. Oh yeah Joe, I’d like to correct the fact about Aggresors BC, they are not from USA, but Belfast, N.Ireland. BC stands for Belfast City

  6. Also I’d like to add :

    The Expanders – Old Time Something Come Again , 1st January (USA)
    Natty Princess – Forward, 18th January ( France)
    Liquidizer Sounds – Super Ferric Adventures Vol. 1, 4th February (UK)
    Rude Rich & The High Notes – Tribute To The Greats Vol. 1, 9th February (Holland)
    Jim Murple Memorial – Take Your Flight Jim 18th February (France)
    The Oldtones – Too Late Lady, 17th April (Japan)
    Statuto – Un Giorno Di Festa, 30th April (Italy)
    Mike Pinto – Truthful Lies, 17th May (USA)
    By The Rivers – By The Rivers, 23rd July (UK)

    1. Thanks for these great additions, Mochammad. I wrote most of them on the list, just leaving out those that already played a bigger part in the 2012 polls. Sometimes the release dates differ from country to country and we tend to go for the first release date available.

  7. What’s about new album of Bad Manners? It’s must to be here!
    And my choise is:
    1. Distemper
    2. Less Than Jake
    3. Bad Manners

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment.
      As far as I know, Bad Manners only released re-issues in 2013.

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