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Album Of The Year 2013 – Vote Now

Reggae Steady Ska Album Of The Year 2013

2013 has been another fantastic year for our music. We have seen old favourites come back, countless new names rise up. Reggae Steady Ska reported about some of them. Now, around the turn of the year, many like to take a look back and think about the good things that happened. It’s also a good time to dig deeper and see what we might have missed this year. 

That’s the idea behind the Reggae Steady Ska polls. They are not about hyping anything up, they are about showing love. 

We put together a playlist with music from nearly all the bands nominated for the Album Of The Year 2013. The playlist is more than five hours long. Thanks a ton to everyone who contributed to the list (Mochammad Yasser, Peter Clemm, Ska-Talk forum, Kevin Flowerdew, Sergio Rallo to name a few) and made it as comprehensive as it gets. There is a lot to discover. 

Please take a listen before you cast your votes. And use your right to vote your favourite THREE albums. You are welcome to share the playlist as well. There is another post with some more details about the albums from 2013 (style, country, release date) to be found here. 

Get me on the list

Three more things

  • It will be possible to cast your votes once a day (the poll software works no other way).
  • More poll categories will be added in the following days.
  • Next to the public voting a jury voting has already been going on for some time. It will be interesting to see the results.

The public votings for the Album Of The Year 2013 start now and end on Monday 6th of January 2014, 23:59 (C.E.T.). 

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With his Ska band The Braces (1984-1991, 2000-2006) Joachim Uerschels released three albums for Unicorn, Pork Pie and Mad Butcher Records. He lives in Cologne, Germany as a writer and musician. In 2016, he published his solo debut album "Songbook Vol. II" as Joe ScholesJoe Scholes


  1. Great year for the ska/rocksteady/reggae indeed! And you can also check some of the bands video clips on my Facebook timeline and don’t forget to cast your vote!

  2. We Did Release An EP/Mini Album A Month Ago Or So Called “THE TURNOUT”..With 8 Songs From Early Recordings But Stay Tuned …..we hope to start recording soon on a fresh 30 yr strong sound !!! 2014 We Are Here !!! Nutty Sounds Are Back !!!! Get Out The Stovepipe Suit Skanksters !!!!

  3. Good music is never too much, okay, but here we are exaggerating my friends! In the playlist there are great songs, catchy sounds, groovy rhythms, wonderful voices, talented musicians, very good arrangers, and yet much more from nearly the whole world, and all this abundance makes not only very, very difficult to get the final word about which is the best 2013 album, but it is also something that throws a bright light over one of the best music scenes in the world and, in any case, over the most funny, happy and bubbling one. Thanks God for Ska.

  4. Its a pity that a great Australian ska band Steel City Allstars did not make the list
    Melbourne Ska Orchestra then gets the thumbs up

    1. Hey John,
      it’s (virtually) impossible to actually be aware of all Ska-related releases around the world. That’s why we have been collecting titles all year round on this website. Unfortunately, nobody suggested that album. That’s why it is so important to strengthen this community, so more people get to know and buy more good music and attend mor good concerts.
      Is there any link at which people can listen to them?

    2. Theres lots of exciting Ska music coming out of Australia at the moment. We so love the MSO (Melbourne Ska Orchestra). Brilliant achievement to get that album out and tour it all over this huge country of ours. And, by the way, our own band from Fremantle, Western Australia, is also in the nominations … Dilip n the Davs is band name, and “Together” is the album name. Lucky enough to have Nicky Bomba, the music maestro from the MSO play percussion on half the tracks on our album, so its a bit of an East/West (Australia) joint effort.
      One thing I’ve got out of this poll is a greater appreciation of the amazing music that is coming out of all corners of the globe in the genre that we so love. Jah Bless you all. ONE LOVE from Freo !

  5. Thanks Joachim for this great list & the YouTube-Playlist! It’s an inspiration and reminder to keep exploring

  6. Hi guys! Thanks for this list. I have discovered so many bands I never heard of. But, it’s impossible to vote every day or from a device that shares connection. Maybe you could fix that, because here at home we have different choices and it only let me vote for one.


    1. Hi Carolate, we can’t change the functions of the poll plugin I’m afraid. Maybe it helps if you erase your cache or the cookies once a day.

  7. I Vote D’Jenks Dirty Reggae Band from Indonesia!! *2 Thumbs Up ….

  8. Suprising that Caz and the Day Laborers didn’t make the list. Their 2013 album is excellent!

    1. Next time either you or Caz and the Day Laborers let Reggae Steady Ska know about their album. Best practise: Sign up for the newsletter and never miss a date.

  9. Vote for the legends that are THE SELECTER and album String Theory 35 years and still touring and recording new material with enthusiasim from ska explosion of 79

  10. STREETLIGHT MANIFESTO ! like there is even a debate about this

  11. My family & I all vote for # Dilip n The Davs – Together #

  12. Hey I tried to vote for Keyser Soze’s album The Remedy, but it won’t let me!!! Can you please count my vote??

  13. Return Of th rootbois #2…17 great ska indonesia band

  14. greetings from jakarta indonesia….vote D’JENKS.please listen to our sound. We just release our first full lenght album. Reach us @djenksreggae

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