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Album Of The Year 2020 – Jury Voting Results

Florian Weinknecht

omnipresent ska-activist

Last year was a wild year with many many excellent publishings. So it was very hard for me to choose my TOP 5

1. Roy & Yvonne “Believe In Yourself”
Why it is my number One? The year was already coming to an end with lots of great music. And then finally Farador records gave us this sweet music of these 2 lovely people and a very fantastic Band The Mighty Megatones who made sure that this album sounds very authentic. This album also makes every generation dance like I tested during christmas holidays.

2. Shuffle and Bang “Island Bop”
This album was one of my surprises where you can’t stop, but listen to the whole record. This father and son project, the jazzy tunes are amazing to listen and even dance to.

3. Top Shotta Band feat. Screechy Dan “Spread Love”. Another surprise for me. This time from my favourite Label Liquidator records. Like my Number 1 Album the whole Album does spread love and joy.

4. Victor Rice “Drink”
This combination between brasilian and jamaican music is one of my favourites and can listen to it every day long.

5. The Bluebeaters “Shock!”
Don’t be shocked if I put a bit diversity in the styles. You could listen to the album already in October in spotify. As a vinyl lover I had to wait near the end of the year. Poppy Melodies and only italian language. Finally The Bluebeaters had found themselves after Giuliano Palma has left them and not only to play famous songs in their own version. Though I haven’t seen them live for 2 decades, this album gives me the imagination to be at a Bluebeaters show in Italy.


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