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Album Of The Year 2014 – Vote Now

It’s time to have your say.

In the past years it has become clear that you love to vote the “Album Of The Year.” That’s cool with us. We love the buzz around the polls all the same.

Yet, one thing we try to do is keep our polls in a spirit where the light shines on all the bands and artists that have been creative in the past year. We make introductions to the bands on the list easy by attaching a playlist with many of the participants and by passing info and audio links to you voters, the community. You can take it from there.

This time, we have literally spent weeks to collect the albums for this poll, went from obscure websites to long-running magazines and back. And we are incredibly thankful to the people who provided us with info from far away places. It’s strange to see that in 2014 it is still so hard to get on overview on what the ska/rocksteady/early reggae world has going on around the world and around the generations.

Here’s how you can yote.
Voting is closed.

1. Listen

Listen to the Album Of The Year 2014 playlist.

2. Learn

Go to our All Albums Released in 2014 list with information about all the albums that are in the poll. If you click on the album titles, in most cases you will land on a website where you can listen to some of the music (and get it). The links go to pages on site like bandcamp, amazon, itunes etc. Whenever there is a free download available, we have indicated that, too.

3. Vote

If you haven’t already, register to vote, follow the link to the poll and name your three favourite albums from 2014.

Just click this link to register or vote.

(Login is easy, via Facebook, Twitter or Email, community functions are being added).

Note: We made it obligatory to log in to take part in our polls to make sure that it’s “one person, one vote”.

4. Share

For any shout-outs after voting, you are welcome to use the comment section. We are thankful if you share this post with your friends.

Deadline for voting is 11.59:00 pm, Wednesday, 07 January 2015 (Central European Time).

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With his Ska band The Braces (1984-1991, 2000-2006) Joachim Uerschels released three albums for Unicorn, Pork Pie and Mad Butcher Records. He lives in Cologne, Germany as a writer and musician. In 2016, he published his solo debut album "Songbook Vol. II" as Joe ScholesJoe Scholes


  1. I Voted 4 Kodos and Survay Says also released records this year

  2. lost password but getting to the end it says password invalid…all good but what is quickest way to fix…..delete me and let me re subscribe maybe ?? You’ll know what’s best….thanks and keep the faith….Christo…The Funaddicts !!!

  3. The Dualers has to be album of the year. Keep voting.

  4. Come on Specialized Lovers ! Various-Mad Not Cancer-Specialized 3 ! Best of the year ! Great tracks in it !

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