• Angus Taylor

  • Boris

    Since the mid1990s Boris Tubagus Herlambang has been active spreading Ska music. He used to be a guitarist in the Ska band named The Artificial Life (1995 – 2003 ), started his own label “Revival“ in 2006 and organises a regular ska event called “Return of The Rootbois”. "Revival" has released two albums: Skalie ( For Sale, 2007 ) years 2007 and "Return of The Rootbois" ( Indonesia Ska Reggae Compilation, 2010 ). He is currently working on the release "Return of The Rootbois Vol II", set to be released at the end of 2012 and has joined the seminal Indonesian 2Tone band Skalie as a guitarist.

  • Bosky

  • Charles

    Described by friends as “way, way too obsessed with ska,” Charles Benoit lives in Rochester, NY, where he writes novels (Young Adult noir) and plays tenor sax in Some Ska Band. Incriminating details and paparazzi-quality photos at

  • Dell

    Either with his Ska band The G Men, or as organizer for bands like Bad Manners, The Dualers and Too Many Crooks in Germany, Christopher Wardell from Darlington, England has constantly been involved in diverse Ska matters for many years. He had also been involved with the Potsdam Ska Festival for the last years, and works alongside Hermann from The Reduit in Mainz booking British bands.

  • Desorden Publico

    Ska band Desorden Publico from Venezuela have been together since the late 1980s.  They are the most popular Ska bands ever to come from Latin America. Their last album "Los Contrarios" also received the title "Album Of The Year 2011" at REGGAE STEADY SKA's  predecessor:

  • DJ Yasser

    Mochammad Yasser has been a long time fan of ska/reggae since 1996, and contributor to some fanzines with articles and reviews about bands, releases and scenes. Always loves correspondence with fellow ska/reggae fans all over the world, to exchange news, info and ideas about what’s happening in global ska/reggae scene. Also a dj/toaster at various events and an avid collector.

  • Domingo Muñoz

    Domingo Munoz aka "El Sunday" lives in Mexico City where he has been able to see most of his musical heroes live (including Madness). He was bred on the seminal Mexican Radio Show Radio Skandalo, to which he contributes nowadays. He hopes the Mexican Ska scene will become bigger and bigger.

  • Gerry McMahon

    Dr. Gerard McMahon is a lecturer/consultant in People Management at the Dublin Institute of Technology. His interest in Reggae predates Bob Marley’s appearance in Dublin in 1980. Over the years he has had the privilege of working with many of the music’s top artistes in a wide variety of guises – from taxi man to interviewer.

  • Joachim

    With his Ska band The Braces (1984-1991, 2000-2006) Joachim Uerschels released three albums for Unicorn, Pork Pie and Mad Butcher Records. He lives in Cologne, Germany as a writer and musician. He's currently writing songs for the first album of his Acoustic Ska project Joe Scholes

  • Kayode

    Kay is the singer of Yellow Cap, a long-running ska band from Dresden, Germany.

  • Marc

    As the man on bass in Third Wave-Ska band Bigger Thomas, Marc Wasserman played his part in making Ska music popular in the USA. In 2008, he started telling stories about many unsung Ska heroes at his blog

  • Nate

    Apart from being a master Blues harp player, Nate Taiapa from Hamilton, New Zealand brings us the best Reggae & Ska music with his GO FEET! radio show and podcast at

  • Pete

    Ever since the Two Tone bug bit him in the early 1980s, Pete has been a dedicated follower of Ska. Thirty years, hundreds of gigs and thousands of records later, he still just can't stop it. Besides writing here, he occasionally contributes to Dynamite magazine and is one of the organisers of the Freedom Sounds Festival in Cologne.

  • Ron Johnson

  • RSS Team

  • Sergio

    Sergio "Da Prophet" Rallo is the former singer of the Ska band The Smarts and was part of the first Italian website dedicated to Ska: Skabadip

  • Siggi

    With his monthly newsletter “Intensified” (with Antje Winzer, sent by mail in the late 1980s) and as a founder of the Dance Craze Society (organising Ska shows), Siggi Seidel played a role in the development of the German Ska scene that cannot be overstated. Today he us still active with his bi-weekly radio show “Bluebeat In My Soul” and organises Hipshaker parties.

  • Stephen

    Stephen Shafer was the Director of Promotions, Marketing, and Production for Moon Ska Records, back in the 1990s. He currently writes The Duff Guide to Ska blog.

  • Visón

    Gustavo Visón is a long-time supporter of Ska music. He plays bass in the band Crabs Corporation and works as a DJ in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • wp_admin

    Joachim Uerschels is a musician and writer who lives in Cologne in Germany. He has released three albums with post-2Tone band The Braces (1984-2006), nowadays he focusses on his Acoustic Ska project Joe Scholes.

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